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Cargo fee incurred as a result of your orders is covered by free of charge.

Your orders giventhrough our web site  are delivered to your address located within the borders of Turkey by the contracted cargo firms. However it may not be carried up to your house, this situation is under the initiative of the employee of the cargo firm. Due to disputes arising out of this situation, is not responsible. Cargo firms may have deliveries on certain days of the week to the residential areas such as the districts, towns etc. other than for cities, does not accept liability for the delays occurred in these situations. Furthermore, many cargo firms do not make cargo deliveries to the villages throughout Turkey, and if they make, they charge additional fee. Additional fees to be incurred in such situations belong to the buyer.

If you are not at the address that you have specified, your package shall be returned by the delivery officer to the nearest branch office by leaving a note in which you can find branch details. You can take delivery of your package from the mentioned branch office within 3 days. Cargo deliveries which are not received during this period are sent back to . If your cargo delivery is not received by you, you can contact us with regard to the  cargo deliveries returned to us via Customer Service to confirm your name - surname, address and telephone details and request the product to be resent to you.

In case the cargo delivery is sent to a wrong address, the necessary process is taken by us. Your address information provided to us for the shopping that you have    made via  is transferred to the cargo firm automatically without making any change. Mistakes that may occur here, deliveries to the wrong address are not related to In case a delivery to a wrong address and you notify such situation to us via e-mail, such matter is forwarded to the cargo firm by us and the necessary guidance processing is ensured to be made in a short period of time.

Address and/or recipient name changes for the orders at the cargo firms can be made. The change of delivery address and/or change of name of the buyer for your orders delivered to the cargo firms are forwarded to the cargo firms by us and the additional duration for the process of delivery may be required for such changes. Your requests regarding changes of the delivery address/recipient name can only be made by email from the e-mail address of your membership to be sent to our side.

Letter of carriage with regard to the order are sent together with cargo. Your letter of carriage must be legally placed on the outer surface of your package, therefore your letter of carriage is sent together with your orders. The invoice is also delivered to you. If you mark in the relevant sections during the order, you can specify your delivery addresses as different than the invoice addresses. In addition to this,  the letter of carriage for the gift deliveries is also submitted together with the delivery of the order of gift to the buyer, the invoice is also sent to the specified address.

If there is any deformation or defect in the package during the delivery of your cargo package to you, you shall kindly check the physical condition of the product in the box by unwrapping the cargo package while the cargo officer is near you before you sign the cargo delivery form. If the product inside the box has been damaged in some way, please kindly return the product to the cargo officer by not taking delivery of the same and make sure that the cargo damage report is prepared. Thus, your product, which you have sent back to us, is re-sent you by changing the delivery. If it is not possible to send your product at the moment, your fee will be refunded. Likewise, kindly do not take delivery of the cargo which is not belong to you, which is not the product that you have requested that you have determined during the control prior to the signing of the cargo delivery report during the the delivery of the cargo package and kindly return the cargo to the cargo officer. If you inform us about the subject, the necessary control shall be carried out and once the returned product is delivered to us, the delivery of the right product shall be realized.

If your order is not delivered to you, you may check the accuracy of the information that you provided during your order and follow up the location of your order through our web site. Although all provided information is true, your order has been sent to a different address, we kindly request you to inform us in this regard by calling us. The delivery of your order can be made to you by contacting the cargo company by us with regard to the subject matter.