Bite Raiser BR-1.0-S (Adult)



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Item #: 003-GBR-10-S

* 1.0 mm thickness for adults

* 4mm arm lenght for occlusally positioned headgear tubes

* Packages of 10 pieces


Features & Benefits

* Inexpensive and practical

* Easy and unobstructed tooth movement

* Ensure optimal oral hygiene

* Comfortable for patient 

* Easy insertion and removal



* Patient compliance requirement 

* Removable bite plates

* Laboratory work

* Restorative materials


Resulting In

* Less chairtime

* Less treatment time and expense


U.S. Patent No: US 6,726,473 B1

E.P. Patent No: 1 217 965 B1

T.R. Patent No: TR 2002 00232 B


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